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How do you ensure you get out of bed feeling energized during these dark days?

Board member Marijke Gordijn with more than 30 years of experience in chronobiology and sleep was interviewed for an article in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. In what way will lighting help you get out of bed fresh and relaxed in the morning but also to wind down in the evening?

Image Sophia Twigt for Volkskrant

Your vitality is controlled by your circadian system and sleep. But the circadian system doesn't quite keep up with the real daytime automatically. Some people’s system is more off than other people’s system. If this isn't corrected most people will go to bed a bit later every day and wake up a bit later as well. But if you make sure you get enough natural light during the day, especially in the morning and keep it dark in the evenings, your circadian system will adjust to the real day rhythm.

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