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Good Light Group Formed To Promote Nutritional Light

The Good Light Group, an international non-profit foundation to promote the importance of nutritional light on the well-being of people has been formed, on the 2019 International Day of Light (May 16th). Nutritional light is natural daylight or electric light, with beneficial effects on the human body and brain. The foundation aims to achieve its goal by stimulating the use of attractive, pleasant, effective and sustainable nutritional light in buildings, and by demonstrating its beneficial effects.

In the past two decades, convincing scientific evidence has emerged that light is not only important for vision, but also has a major influence on, among other things, the biological rhythms of humans, their sleep, mood, and functioning; the so called ‘non-visual effects’ of light. Hence light is a crucial factor for achieving good health and quality of life.

Most people work, study, shop, etc. in an indoor environment, where light levels are usually good enough to see, but are far lower and much different in quality from natural daylight where humans evolved. Light levels and quality in indoor environments during daytime are often too low to effectively stimulate the beneficial non-visual effects on humans. Thus not supporting a healthy development and functioning of the body and brain. Modern lighting offers enormous possibilities to approximate the stimulating effects of natural daylight during the day and prevent deleterious effects of relatively high indoor light levels during the evening and night. However, these possibilities are not yet being exploited to offer the dynamics of daylight, or bring interior lighting to the appropriate levels and quality, to support a healthy body and brain.

The principal goals of the Good Light Group are to raise awareness of the benefits for the human body and brain of a daily dose of nutritional light at the appropriate time and to help ensure that as many people as possible are in buildings equipped with nutritional light.

“Nutritional light is the most unexploited factor capable of contributing to quality of life and well-being. New technologies are now available for implementing nutritional light in our lighting installations to the benefit of billions of people with an indoor job, so let’s start now!”, said Jan Denneman, chairman of the board of the Good Light Group.

The Good Light Group will conduct its work by enlisting the support of research institutions, organisations with an interest in promoting nutritional light and companies that are interested in realising nutritional light projects.

Those with an interest in contributing to the Good Light Group may contact the chairman of the board, Mr Jan Denneman, at



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