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First Participant Council meeting

On January 29th, 2020 the board of the Good Light Group and the participants met in person for the first Participant Council meeting. Representatives of Seaborough, Signify and Sparckel were present. Claude Gronfier from Inserm, Roelof Hut from the University of Groningen, and representatives from Toshiba Material were unfortunately absent, all with good reasons.

Nevertheless the first meeting was a great success. The board presented an overview of the activities since founding in May 2019 and the strategic plans for the future. Detailed ideas for the year 2020 were explained and discussed. The participants present supported the installation of a first chair of the council, who needs to be confirmed by the participants who were absent, to reach a majority voting. In addition, the idea to create two working groups, one to develop a communication plan and one to create guidelines and functional descriptions of Good Light based on scientific data, were supported and several participants already agreed to take a role. At the end of the meeting, everybody left with a very enthusiastic and positive feeling, convinced of the fact that there is work to be done!


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