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Feel better after a camping weekend

People who have enjoyed a camping weekend benefit greatly from it! Spending a weekend on a campsite means spending a lot of time outside. Research now shows that you sleep better when you are out in the daylight. Daylight ensures that your inner clock is set correctly. When you go to bed, your body is also ready for a good night's sleep. As a result, you wake up fresher in the morning.

Photo by Victor Larracuente on Unsplash

But how do you know if your inner clock is not working properly? The answer is simple: are you tired during the day, can't concentrate, do you feel a bit down or depressed, can't fall asleep easily at night? These are all signs of a poorly synchronised internal clock.

Your internal clock needs daylight to determine what time it is. If you are often indoors during the day, your internal clock may be out of sync.

Fortunately for you, there is a simple solution to get your internal clock back in sync: go camping for a weekend. You'll sleep better, feel more rested, more focused, and happier! Read all about the research here

For all those other periods in the year when you can’t go camping, make sure that you install Good Light indoors. This is light that mimics the benefits of daylight as good as possible.



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