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Did you know a lot of mental illnesses can be associated with a disrupted circadian rhythm?

For you to understand we first will explain what your circadian rhythm is. Your circadian rhythm is your inner clock, it makes sure all your body rhythms work natural according to the time of the day, so your body feels tired when you need to go to bed and you feel energized during the day. But also when your organs don’t need to work so hard and can go in sleep mode, so your body can fully recover by night. When the circadian rhythm is disrupted we don’t sleep well, we get energy on the wrong time of the day or don’t get energy at all, even your organs can become a bit disrupted.

Photo by Mwangi Gatheca on Unsplash

Now researchers have linked a disrupted circadian rhythm with mental illnesses, such as seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders and depression. This offers hope to people struggling with these illnesses, treatments that align with the circadian rhythm may become an important part of treating mental illness and lead to better management of these diseases.

Let your circadian rhythm run properly by spending more time outdoors during the day or make sure you get enough daylight indoors by sitting in front of or near a window. And make sure you install Good Light indoors, this is light that mimics daylight as good as possible.



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