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BakkerElkhuizen, a new participant of our Group

BakkerElkhuizen offers a range of ergonomic office solutions. Based on research and knowledge, the company's products are designed focused on healthy posture and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. They realized that lighting plays a major role too in optimizing fitness, health and overall mental wellbeing of computer users. That’s why they wanted to join our Group and their dedication to improving the health and wellbeing of office workers makes them an ideal new participant.

BakkerElkhuizen created an innovative bio-dynamic, human centric, lighting fixture. Called EnergyByLight. It provides the right task and ambient light at the right time for the (home) workspace. The automatically changing intensity and colour temperature, similar to the sun, promotes a sense of wellbeing and productivity by supporting your bodies natural circadian daylight rhythm.

By nature, our bodies have adapted to the sun, providing us with energy throughout the day and a resting period during the night. The EnergyByLight is no different; it's not an artificial light but a biodynamic, human-centric light that mimics the colour temperature and brightness of natural daylight found at your location throughout the course of a day, regulating your circadian rhythm.


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