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AYO a Good Light Group member wins the 2022 SleepTech award

AYO is the world’s first circadian health wearable that focuses on circadian rhythm and combines chronobiology research and light therapy.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) named AYO, the winner of the 2022 SleepTech Award in the Sleep Health & Wellness category. NSF’s SleepTech Award recognizes the year’s most innovative efforts in advancing sleep technology and is a feature of NSF’s ongoing work to encourage and celebrate efforts by which sleep science and insight are rapidly incorporated into accessible health products and services.

“It is truly gratifying to receive the NSF award and the recognition of our efforts in advancing consumer sleep and health technology. Our mission is to bring better sleep and a healthier lifestyle to millions of people around the world. Good Light is an integral part of AYO's solution and is essential if we want to live healthier, happier, and more active lives." said Branislav Nikolic, CEO, and Founder, of Novalogy Inc. company behind AYO.


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