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Anne, Participant #5

Anne, a freelance marketing consultant, participated in the ‘30 days Good Light experience’ with a simple solution to create Good Light at her workspace. This solution consists of two flexible desk luminaires each with a smart bulb with high lumen output (more than 1500 lumen) that can be varied in intensity and light colour. You can control the smart bulbs with an App on your phone or tablet. The App has a circadian rhythm option (day/night rhythm), so the light mimics daylight and changes every hour. If you are interested in more details of this simple good light solution, send us an email at

Anne installed the lights at her home office. She always thought her home office had plenty of light, she has a window behind and next to her, but the lux meter (a measuring app for light) showed it was way less than the daily light requirement. After the 30 days experience she really doesn’t want to work without this good light solution anymore. “Now I notice the amount of light I was getting before the experience was not enough and this new set-up is much more comfortable for my eyes. I don’t squeeze my eyes since I’ve installed the lamps, which is less tiring. Maybe it even delays wrinkles, since I don’t squeeze my eyes all the time.

I’ve noticed that I’m very tired at 22.00/23.00hr so I go to bed earlier than before but wake up at 7.30 without alarm and with way more energy. It might even have improved my mood, maybe it’s because of my improved energy level. Before I used those lamps, I was a bit cranky and negative and now I feel like myself again.” She will continue to use this set-up, so she can enjoy the ’30 days’ Good Light experience for as long as she wants, so not a 30 days experience for her but a lifetime Good Light experience.

A short list of her experienced advantages:

- Improved energy, less tired during the day.

- Improved focus at work.

- Less squeezing with her eyes.

- More regular sleep pattern

- It might even have improved her mood.

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