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And another new Participant: Intelligent Lighting Design and Consultation

Intelligent Lighting Design and Consultation is a team of lighting professionals who understand that light is as essential to life as air and water, and that the quality of our lighting environments is a significant determinant to behavioral, biological, psychological and visual performance and well-being.

ILDC's work is focused primarily on providing superior lighting solutions for commercial and residential applications where improved lighting conditions will have a positive affect on user experience, productivity and holistic wellness. “We work with leading lighting and controls technologies to create high fidelity, dynamic lighting environments that respond to the activities and needs of the user for optimized results. Our company is honored and excited to be aligned with the membership of the Good Light Group in our mission to increase awareness of the importance of good light in our lives, and to help construction professionals learn how they can elevate their work and their customer satisfaction by implementing good lighting practices to their projects.”

We as the Good Light Group are happy to have ILDC as our new participant!



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