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Add Good Light to your own Home Office

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

After almost two years of working from home, most of you have created a Home Office in your house. But have you also added Good Light, in line with the Good Light Guide? Or are you still using the ceiling lamp that was already in the room before you started to use it as your Home Office? Good Lighting for your Home Office can be realized in multiple ways and is really easy to install. Just read the Project example of the WiZ Home Office by Signify and be inspired to upgrade your own Home Office. It is part of the mission of the Good Light Group to have 100,000 practitioners working in Good Light by 2025. So, make sure you practice as you preach.

For Participants, Partners, Science Advisors and Friends of the Good Light Group in the Benelux, it is now possible to order your WiZ high lumen bulbs & WiZ Remote control to create your own Good Light Home Office at Light Gallery with a special ambassador discount code: GoodLightGroup220120Rs#07ja



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