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30 Days Good Light Experience of Erna van het Erve, Studio Kleurmerk

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

For many years Studio Kleurmerk has been advising organizations about 'good' and 'healthy' light. "I tell the same story again and again: what light can do for them. In hospitals, nursing homes, schools and more, it sometimes feels like I’m a missionary. It's the power of repetition, so we don't give up."

However, Erna says, I am a little embarrassed to confess this, I had never experienced good light for myself. Until one of my employees needed a demonstration model for her presentation. Afterwards the model ended up on our desks.

And then it happened: I now literally practice what I preach. Consequently, there are no more slumps during the day, I feel fit all day long and enjoy a very good night's sleep. I can't get around it anymore. The difference is so big for me and it is almost addictive. A day off and I notice it, immediately! Even more than before, I feel the need to make organizations aware of the obvious, healthy effect. In our designs we create 'healthy light' in a 'good lighting plan'. For us the use of colours, the materials, the sight and walking lines are also part of our design and advice. With this integrated approach we hope to keep on making many more students, elderly and employees healthier. It works for me!

Erna van het Erve

Director Studio Kleurmerk


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