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10th Good Light Group meeting

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Tuesday the 26th of April, we organized the 10th Good Light Group meeting. In this meeting there were three participants that gave a short presentation about either new research, their company and new innovations. In this meeting Anne Berends talked about her company Seaborough and meaningful light innovations for a better and healthier world. The second presentation was given by Daniel Tschofen of the company Wirklicht about their new innovations and the third was given by Inge Declercq about a citizen science project on light exposure, physical activity and sleep throughout the seasons.

Beyond the visible: SunLED brings inside the healthy near-infrared part of sunlight.

Seaborough develops new technologies for the lighting industry, focusing on sustainability, light quality and health. SunLED is our newest technology that integrates near-infrared radiation in lighting products to improve the indoor environment. The positive effects on health and well-being of their technology are now proven in a clinical study.

What are the luminaires of the future?

Natural materials and innovative technology will make a real difference. A brief overview of how sustainability and good light can be translated into luminaires.

Brainstorm on idea for citizen science project & looking for partners. The project is Belgian (as for now) and aims at gathering a large amount of data on sleep-wake habits of Belgians.


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