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Floris Wouterson, Sleep coach #7

Sleep coach Floris Wouterson participated in Good Light Group's 30 Days Good Light Experience last year. He has office days, but also spends a lot of time outdoors. "I have been optimizing my sleep for a long time. It would be crazy if I didn't, being a sleep coach. I prefer to be outside for at least an hour every day anyway, preferably for exercise."

Over the past year, Floris used the lamp regularly. "Here in my office I could place it well. The lamp has a pleasant angle of incidence and shines from top to bottom. I noticed that when I had it on here on dark days, I was more energetic. Especially in the winter."

"For me, the right light really makes me feel good. My mood is affected in a positive way. In addition, it activates the production of serotonin. This is the preparatory hormone of melatonin: another important hormone that ensures that I sleep well in and through the night."

'A lamp alone won't get you there'

Floris does want to emphasize that just having a lamp on your desk doesn't get you there. "You can have it very well arranged in one place, for example your office, but actually you have to do it consistently throughout your life to make it really effective. We simply get far too little daylight in a day. Do you want to sleep better? Then you have to work on that thoroughly."

Floris especially likes the fact that the lamp simulates real daylight from morning to night. "That's why I think specifically this lamp works so well. Sparckel's lamp is not just any lamp. The device contains hundreds of LED lights and a lot of research went into developing this lamp."

Wouterson thinks Sparckel's daylight lamp is a great innovation. "The lamp is amazing, but it also has its price. For individuals with a smaller budget, other solutions are now available. There are cheaper solutions for example for 80 euros. Sufficient daylight is enormously important. Everyone who wants to sleep well should make this a priority."

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