Happy people need

good light

Rethinking lighting

Good light indoors

We are the Good Light Group, a global non-profit foundation. Our mission for 2025 is that 1,000,000 people worldwide know about the effects of good light on the body and brain. We also want to accomplish that 100,000 people worldwide live, work and learn in buildings with good light.

What is good light?

Happy people need good light: daylight but also light indoors. Good light is natural daylight or electric light with beneficial effects on body and brain. Good light means the right light at the right time. Good light is mimicking daylight as effective as possible.

What light brings us

During evolution people went from shelter to shield. Due to this people don’t get their needed daily dose of good light with lots of problems as a result. The solution to biological darkness is the use of good light indoors. Good light brings us a lot of good things.

  • Connecting

  • The Right Light at the Right Time

  • Passionate

  • Game changing

  • Educating with fun

  • Improving life

  • Based on science


Happy people need good light

What can

you do?

  • Spread the news of good light

  • Implement good light in your own life and company

  • Work on knowledge development around good light

  • Become a participant


Good Light Group  •  Foundation  •  Registered in Eindhoven  •  The Netherlands

info@goodlightgroup.org  •  www.goodlightgroup.org