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We are the Good Light Group, a non-profit organization operating globally. The main objective of the Good Light Group is to stimulate the use of Good Light indoors. This goal will be reached by communicating the benefits of Good Light to the people, by stimulating collaborations and by promoting knowledge developments on the topic of Good Light. 


Our mission for 2025 is that 1,000,000 people worldwide know about the beneficial effects of Good Light on the body and brain. We also want to accomplish that 100,000 people worldwide live, work and learn in buildings with Good Light.

What Good Light brings us?

The wrong light at the wrong time may result in mood disturbances, sleep problems, difficulties with learning and memory, and health problems on the long term as well as of course problems with vision on the short term. While this might be a problem for all people living and working indoors, it is in particularly bad for people already suffering from sleep- and mood disorders, such as depression, or brain problems, such as dementia. It is estimated that about 13% of the global population suffer from some kind of mental disorder. A simple improvement of the light environment may be beneficial for all of us, but for this group in particular.

Good Light has the following beneficial effects on the human body and brain:

What is Good Light?

Good Light is the right light at the right time and in accordance to our activity and our personal needs during every day of our life. Good Light is natural light, or indoor light mimicking natural light as much as possible.

Good Light is:

Attractive: Good Light indoors is high quality and comfortable for the eyes.

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Dynamic Good Light indoors is stimulating during the day with an intensity that is at least 5x higher and relaxing during the evening with an intensity that is at least 5x lower, than the current standard for vision.

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Optimized Good Light indoors has spectral characteristics that vary according to time of day, personal needs, and specific tasks.

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Personal Good Light indoors can be adapted by the user for personal needs based on suggestions by the system.

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Happy people need Good Light

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  • Learn about what light can do for you

  • Share your Good Light experience

  • Implement Good Light in your own life and company

  • Join the Good Light group, become a participant


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