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You know this feeling?
Try Good light

Good light for a happier and healthier life, start now!

If you don’t sleep well, lack energy during the day or feel down, good light can help you.

Light supports us in everything we do. It has a great positive impact on our energy, sleep, happiness and health.

With the help of good light, our biological clock keeps our bodies in balance
with the time of day.

We are a non-profit group dedicated to informing you about the benefits of natural daylight and electric lighting that compensates for its absence, as well as the health risks associated with spending all day indoors.

Watch our animations for more information

Good light brings us:
  • improved sleep

  • more energy during the day

  • improved concentration and productivity

  • a happier / improved mood

  • a synchronised biological clock

Bad light causes us:
  • sleep problems

  • a lack of energy and feeling unproductive

  • difficulties with learning and memory

  • mood disturbances

  • health problems on the long term

Four easy steps to good light


Good lighting isn't just about enhancing visibility—it's about improving your health, energy, mood and sleep. The light that surrounds us plays a crucial role in regulating our natural sleep-wake cycles and can significantly impact our overall wellbeing. That's why we need the right light at the right time.

#1 Daylight

Try to be outside for more than two hours during the day, especially in the morning.

#2 Close to a window

Stay within one meter of
a window. After every
20 minutes of 

screentime get up and look at the sky for 20 seconds.

#3 Install Good Light

Install electric good light that mimics daylight from  sunrise to sunset, ensuring you receive at least 500 lux in your eyes during the daytime.


#4 Avoid bright

Aim to keep lighting below 10 lux three hours before bedtime by avoiding bright lights and setting your screen to night mode.

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