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Good light

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

WiZ the affordable good light solution

Good light for indoor use
There is a simple solution when your workplace at home or in the office does not have the right amount of light.

  1. Install two lamps (luminaire + WiZ light bulb) above eye level (total expenses around €80). Click here for Bulb 13W (Eq.100W) or here for the stronger Bulb 18.5 W (Eq.150 W)

  2. Download the WiZ Connected app and set the lights to circadian rhythm.


1. how to install the light

The light must fall into your eyes. So don't just let the lights shine on the table. With a set of two desk fixtures (like the Tertial work lamp from ikea) with lamps you certainly have enough light during the day. Using two lamps gives flexibility because you can easily point the lamps in a way that you like the light best. Play with the setting of the fixtures until you have a pleasant light effect for you.

During the day, the brightness that falls into your eyes should be around 1000 lux. (500 MEDI lux) and make sure that the brightness is much lower in the evening, maximum 100 lux and at night maximum 10 lux. You can measure this with a light meter application on your phone. In the evening, the brightness should be much lower for a good night's sleep. The smart lamps automatically take care of that.

2. install the app

Download the WiZ Connected app on your phone and install the lamps. Set the lights to 'circadian rhythm' so the lights will be on their brightest level from around 12:00hr midday and gradually dim to lower light levels in the course of the afternoon around 16:00h.


How does it work?
The light varies in intensity and spectrum during the day. It should be brightest in the morning and early afternoon and becomes less bright at dusk.  This already makes a big difference. Daylight or good indoor light that mimics the beneficial properties of natural  daylight, keeps your biological clock synchronized with the time on the clock. The biological clock is a brain region that gives signals to all organs and cells about time. If your biological clock runs well, you sleep better, you have more energy during the day and you feel better. This part of the brain steers, among other things, the hormone balances in your body, which are very different during the day when you are active than at night when your body needs to recover. 

But don't forget to lower your screen intensity during the evening and avoid screens that are too bright!

Personal good light
There are of course many other fixtures and smart bulbs on the market. It is important that the smart lamps can be easily controlled, that they imitate the natural daylight as good as possible by means of variations of the brightness and the light color. They should have good colour and flicker free and the same qualities as the WiZ A.E27, colours, 1521 lm, eq 100W lamp.


For Ambassadors of the Good Light Group in the Benelux, it is now possible to order your WiZ high lumen bulbs & WiZ Remote control to create your own Good Light Home Office at Light Gallery with a special ambassador discount code: GoodLightGroup220120Rs#07ja

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