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WiZ Home Office

By Signify

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WiZ Home Office

Due to the pandemic I started to work from home structurally. A friend supported me to install Good Light in my Home Office, and I helped others to install it as well. Now I want to inspire all of you to do the same. It was really easy. Take two simple luminaires with E27 fitting (for example from the Swedish furniture shop), add two WiZ tunable high-lumen (1521 lm) light sources and use the circadian rhythm function of the free WiZ app. For convenience you can add a WiZ remote control.

Using two luminaires left and right of your computer screen gives a nice distribution of light on your desk and is comfortable for your eyes. And even more important: it easily meets the criteria defined in the Good Light Guide for daytime: more than 1000 lux on the desk and melanopic EDI more than 500 lux on your eye. Due to the circadian rhythm in the WiZ app, the light is automatically dimmed in the evening.


Intrigued by this Good Light home office solution? Try it yourself to create a healthy light environment and share your experiences via

For Participants, Partners, Science Advisors and Friends of the Good Light Group in the Benelux, it is now possible to order your WiZ high lumen bulbs & WiZ Remote control to create your own Good Light Home Office at Light Gallery with a special ambassador discount code: GoodLightGroup220120Rs#07ja

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