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Herbergier Olst

By Sparckel

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Herbergier Olst, the Netherlands

Owner Wijnand tells us that he and his care team notice that the residents of Herbergier Olst, as a result of their dementia, are regularly overstimulated and suffer from a disrupted biological clock. He says: 'We see that our residents take a lot of naps during the day and then find it difficult to put to bed in the evening. Night wandering is also common. In addition, many residents suffer from limited visibility. Especially in the living room during the dark winter months. We wanted to find out for ourselves whether good light can reduce these complaints. For this reason we have placed Sparckels in the living room of the Herbergier Olst: 4 models Sunny Susan (hanging variant), 2 models Bright Brenda (standing variant) and 1 model Jolly James (table variant).'

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You can visit Herbergier Olst at:

Jan Hooglandstraat 36
The Netherlands

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