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Aleja shopping center

By Bartenbach

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Aleja shopping center, Slovenia

Ljubljana as the location for unique lighting design by Bartenbach in the mostmodern shopping center in Slovenia.

The new, daylight-flooded SES shopping center ALEJA in Slovenia more than lives up to its designation as a world of experience. The consistently implemented concept with the unique shiny facade design allows visitors to perceive the dynamics of the light through their own movements.

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Shopping centers are new meeting points for experiences and no longer serve exclusively for shopping in the traditional sense. In order to make this holistic experience appear completely, an adapted lighting atmosphere is integrated in
harmony with the architecture, which makes the rooms noticeably eventful.
With the placement of the skylights taking into account the geometries, an optimal natural route through daylight is created. These light-flooded places offer the customer a wide variety of places to stay, in which the dynamics of the light are significantly influenced by the visitor's own movement.


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You can visit the Aleja shopping center at:

Rakuševa ulica 1

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