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The holiday feeling all year round

I feel more relaxed during the holidays than at other times of the year. This is certainly due to the fact that I am outside more during the holidays and therefore get more daylight than usual. This light has a positive influence on my body and mind. I sleep better, have more energy during the day and my mood is upbeat.

The scientific explanation for this is clear. Our bodies need daylight so that our brains can synchronise our biological rhythms with real time. This ensures that by the time we go to bed, our bodies are indeed ready for a good night's sleep. Our sleep is deeper and our body recovers better. As a result, we have more energy the next day and feel more comfortable and in a better mood.

Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

Many people tell me that they also have this positive "holiday feeling", but that it quickly disappears when they go back to work. Since most people have indoor jobs, this is quite logical. The light level indoors is only 1% of the light level outside during the day in summer. In fact, the indoor light level is equal to or lower than the outdoor light level at the time of sunrise and sunset. This is too weak for our brain to synchronise our biological rhythms. Our bodies cannot determine the actual time because we remain in twilight almost all day.

Personally, I have found the remedy. I have installed good light indoors in the places where I work. This is light that mimics daylight as closely as possible. In this way, I can keep the holiday feeling all year round.

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Jan Denneman

Chairman of the Good Light Group



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