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Sleepy when you want to work?

We, humans, evolved for tens of thousands of years, living outside under the rhythms of natural light. Our body’s rhythms, including alertness, mood and sleepiness, respond to the day-night cycle of our planet. This is all regulated by our biological clock.

Day and night rhythms have a big impact on our lives, influencing your biological clock and regulating functions like alertness, mood, and sleepiness. This internal timekeeping system, known as the circadian rhythm, is affected by daylight. Exposure to natural light during the day triggers your biological responses that affect your mental and physical state.

Your biological clock regulates your sleep-wake cycle, it makes you feel energized during the day and sleepy when it gets dark. A good night’s sleep helps improve your health, mood and alertness. So it’s crucial to get your daily dose of good light (daylight) or electric light that mimics daylight when you are indoor.

If you want to bring good light in your life, watch also the other steps to a healthier and happier life here: Try | Home | Good Light Group | Foundation

Light supports us in everything we do. Good light has a great positive impact on our experience of energy, sleep, happiness and health.


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