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New participant! Lumie

Lumie is a British brand on a mission to empower people to reconnect with their natural rhythms for best-ever sleep, mood and energy levels. Innovative, science-backed and aesthetically pleasing, Lumie light therapy devices aim to deliver the best user experience and swift results – right out of the box and for the years to come. For over 30 years now, Lumie has been researching, designing and developing lights which help combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and winter blues; boost mood and energy levels as well as improve sleep and waking. Lumie’s first Bodyclock dawn simulator - an alarm that wakes you with increasing levels of light - was the world's first wake-up light and brought light therapy into the mainstream.

“I’m delighted to announce that Lumie has joined the Good Light Group! Here at Lumie, we know how important it is to educate people on the benefits of light, so we’re excited to partner with the Good Light Group to encourage the use of good light at both home and work. Most people spend more than 90% of their lives indoors, so it’s never been more important for people to get the right light at the right time, and we’re proud to say Lumie light therapy can help with that! As part of this partnership, we shall be providing light therapy lamps for the Good Light Group’s 30 Days Good Light Experience, to help people working from home feel their happiest and healthiest selves.”

– Jonathan Cridland, Lumie CEO



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