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Lacking concentration?

Our body has a daylight detector: Light-sensitive cells in our eyes called spheres. These connect to the part of the brain called the biological clock that regulates our body’s daily rhythms. The discoverers of how the biological clock works were awarded the Nobel Prize.

The daylight detector in your eyes plays the most important role in regulating your daily rhythms. This detection mechanism (the spheres) connects with your biological clock which regulate various bodily processes.

The spheres in your eyes are responsible for converting light stimuli into signals. These signals are then sent to the brain, which processes this information, ensuring that you feel energised during the day and sleepy at night. This is why you need the right light at the right time.

When your eyes get bright light at night, for example from screens, or when you are indoors with insufficient light, these spheres send the wrong signals to your brain, causing your biological clock to become desynchronised from the external time of day.

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Light supports us in everything we do. Good light has a great positive impact on our experience of energy, sleep, happiness and health.


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