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Good Light Group Meeting #12

On Tuesday 22 November we gathered online for the twelfth Good Light Group meeting. In these meetings we always have some participants talk about their company or new research.

You can now watch the meeting online and see everything you missed or revisit the interesting parts.

This meeting:

Jan Denneman talks about the Facts of Light. A series of short animations by the Good Light Group about good light.

Wilfried Pohl of Bartenbach talks about the project LessIsMore.

Effects of a personalizable workplace lighting concept on acceptance, usability, and cognitive performance.

#1 Jan Denneman – Facts of light

The Good Light Group developed several short animations to make people aware of the fact that they need good light. The animations are easy for anyone to understand and easy to share. There are different themes such as our evolution, why we need good light, how to live in good light and how good light works.

#2 Wilfried Pohl - the project LessIsMore

This presentation is about a summary of some studies, they studied the effects of personal daylight, personal workplace lighting, on user acceptance, cognitive performance and other parameters. He talks about the awareness of workplace lighting, end users’ lighting needs and how lights should be developed.



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