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Good light

Daylight or light that mimics daylight

What good light brings us

The wrong light at the wrong time might be a problem for all people living and working indoors, it is in particularly bad for people already suffering from sleep- and mood disorders, such as depression, or brain problems, such as dementia. It is estimated that about 13% of the global population suffer from some kind of mental disorder. A simple improvement of the light environment may be beneficial for all of us.

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Good light
revitalizes us

Good light is essential for a proper day-night rhythm, and it improves our sleep.


Good light
energizes us

Good light makes us feel energetic, alert, and concentrated. 


Good light
comforts us

Good light makes us feel welcome, relaxed, safe, cozy and happy.


Good light
shows us

Good light supports our vision; it shows us objects, colours, contrasts, and motion.

Good light

to energize is daytime light that makes us feel active, alert and concentrated

to wake up is morning light that wakes us up feeling energetic and happy without suffering from sleep inertia

to work is daytime light of suiting the demands of work and keeping us active and concentrated

to learn is daytime light that support learning and memory

to relax is light for certain moments of the day where we need to rest and relax

to sleep is high intensities of light during daytime and low intensities of light during the evening and at night, both with certain spectral characteristics, to support a consolidated sleep

for well-being is the right light at the right time with an intensity and with spectral characteristics supporting wakefulness during the day and sleep during the night improving long term health and well-being

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