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for a healthier and happier life

Good light

The Good Light Group wants to illuminate the vital importance of natural daylight in our daily lives. Embracing a healthy lifestyle is not just about exercise and nutrition, it's also about getting sufficiant daylight and sleep. We provide insights and guidance on how to regulate your circadian rhythm and integrate more good light into your routine for a healthier and happier life.

Did you know?
Good light (daylight or artificial light that mimics daylight) will improve our sleep, well-being, health and mood. Indoors the light is often too weak during the day and too bright in the evening to keep us healthy and happy. 


Do you want to know more about how good light works? What it delivers and what the consequences are if you are not in good light?


Are you a professional? And by professional we mean teacher, health coach, sleep coach, lighting expert, architect, psychologist, just someone who wants to take care of their employees or none of the above but still a professional.

You know this feeling?
Try Good light

A healthier and happier life, start now!


Good light is the right light at the right time. We need bright light during the day and dim light in the evening. So we can function at our best!


Good light experience

The right amount of light is needed for a positive influence on a lot of things! It improves your sleep quality, alertness, fitness, concentration, mood swings, productivity and more.

Apply here for the 30 days good light experience, read testimonials or let us know about your light situation.

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